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Nail Files

Keeping your nails in top condition can be a never ending task, now Midge will guide you through todays professional products step by step.

Files are graded from hard grit through to extra fine, in some way they are like guitar strings helping you to achieve your own signature style

Nail File Scale Table

100/120/180. grit

Strong Hard for shortening

220/320. grit

Medium to Smooth for re-shaping

400/600. grit

Extra fine for finishing

Three Way File

  • Comfortable and lightweight for use at any time.

  • Easy to hold. The design fits perfectly in your hand

  • Immersible and disinfectable.

  • Durable and long-lasting. Ideal for using with treatment oils.


- Start with the darker side and cover entire surface of the nail. You can use this side to adjust the shape of your nail.
- Use the white side of the file to smoothen the surface and edge of your nail.
-Buff to a smooth gloss with the grey side.