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Summer of July 2009 finds Midge back at International Guitar Festival at Bath working with the students on Repair & Care for fingerstyle. and enjoying time out with International Guitarists on how to managed their nails when travelling.

Tom Kerstens IGF Artist Director and Feranado Espi.

Midge and Fernando Espi an outstanding Spanish guitarists of the new generation.

Midge working with IGF students on Repair Workshop.

ExCel London Show - June 2008

This was the first time the London International Music Show have asked Amazing Nails to take a stand and everyone was happy with the impact we had. Watch out for us at shows around the country.

Midge & Joe Satriani

Midge & Amanda taking time out

Midge on Stand

Midge with Hugh Burns
and Andrew Jenkins

Midge & Paul Gregory

Mike Lewes & Pascal

Midge & Ian Jones

Midge with customers

International Guitar Festival, Bath - July 2008

Tom Kerstens the Artistic Director of IGF. is always looking to make the festival cutting edge,  offering IGF students the very best of masterclasses so this year he invited Midge to give the Festival it's first fingernail Seminar. It was a great success for all.

Midge and Daniel Olmos, Classical Guitarist

Midge and IGF crew, Geoff, Helen and Caroline

Midge and Alexandra, Olivier, Phillppe and Francois.
Aïghetta Quartet