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Having your own nails long or short for fingerstyle and keeping them in top condition at all times can be a challenge. Many guitarists will use what is known as overlays on their nails: the overlay gives you full power and smooth contact on the strings. You will feel confident in your ability to play at different angles therefore improving your performance. Overlays can be achieved in a number of ways so Midge will take you through some of the options:

Option 1
The professional way to have overlays would be to go to a Nail Technician but they need to understand your requirements before you start your treatment.
Acrylic overlays are extra strong and at the same time light to wear.
They can also withstand long sessions of practice and are often used by professional guitarists on tour. The cost of this treatment at our Studio starts at £8.00 per nail with a set of four nails being around £30.00
Customised thumb nails cost £9.50. All our nails would be to your special requirements.

Option 2
The glue and paper overlay you can achieve youself by buying a Nail Repair Kit.

Option 3
You can also use a Fibreglass Wrap Nail Kit or go to a nail studio to have this treatment.

On any glue overlay, too much use of glue can result in a dehydrated nail plate which can cause flaking nails, so you would need to condition your nails with oils to regain a healthy balance.

Nail Repair Kits & Organic Oils are available on our Product Page