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To make your purchase, please contact Midge:
+44 (0)7775 780 744

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If you are spending more than $40 then we will email you back with the extra shipping charges before despatch.

Quick & Easy Fingernail Cover !!

Brush & Dip Kit

Pot of Acrylic Powder
Brush on Glue
3 Way Slide Bar
White Sanding Block
Glass File
Orange Stick
Easy step-by-step information sheet
All in it's own clear Travel Pack

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product code B&D2011

3 Week Waiting List



Amber Roller Ball Oil

This myrrh and nut oils treatment comes in its own travel pack. With information sheet.

Ideal for "The Guitarist on the Run"

product code AOR1



Travel Repair Kit

Brush on Glue 6gr
5 Sheets of per-cut Fibreglass
Pot of Acrylic Powder
3 Way Slide Bar
Orange Stick
Step-by-Step information sheet
All in a clear pack

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product code 00006

3 Week Waiting List




Roller Ball Oil

New Concentrated Formula

This uniquely designed ball applicator easily dispenses the highly penetrating organic/myrrh oils with a roll, quickly and gently eliminating cuticle problems in addition will rebuild strengthening and smoothing the surface of your nails.

Number One! treatment with our Celebrity Clients.

product code 00010



For Men

The combination of omega 3 and vitamin oils will rebuild and strengthen nails. Ideal for bitten, weak nails.

product code 00009

10 ml


Try Size Blue Oil

An organic combination with Myrrh, works well for fingerstyle players.

product code 09sb



Try Size Red Oil

An organic combination with Myrrh, works well for fingerstyle players.

product code 09sr



Concentrated Organic & Omega 3 Oils

An oil treatment for very damaged nails and slow growing Nails.

product code COO30


1/2 oz


Larger size of Red & Blue 1/2 oz, handy to refill with.

Red oil product code 09lb

Blue oil product code 09lr

1/2 oz


Black Nail Polish

This amazing polish was part of the media pack for the hit movie "THE CRAFT "
High Gloss Finish

product code 00014

1/4 oz


Travel soak off kit.

Bottle Acetone based remover 30ml
Finger Pot
Orange Stick
Information sheet
All in a clear carry pack

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product code 00002



Sanding Block

product code 00003

Sale $0.85



Three Way Slide Bar

SIDE A. BLACK 600 grit.

B. WHITE 4.000 grit

C. GREY 12.000 grit

Easy to hold, quick to smooth and shine the nail.
Now you can round your nail to a finely tuned edge.

product code 00011





Black C-curve File

100 / 180 grit.

This file is ideal for filing your nails at a 45-degree angle.
The C-curve makes it easy to achieve your own customised shape.


product code 00012



Brush on thick resin (10 grams.) NEW SIZE!!


product code 00015



Pre-Cut Fiberglass/Silk Wraps


product code 00007



Brush on Thin Resin (6 grams.)

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product code 00013