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New Amber Roller Ball Oil Treatment

This Amber Oil Treatment is a combination of organic oils with the addition of Almond and Walnut oils with just a touch of Honey. The uniquely designed ball applicator easily dispenses the highly penetrating oils quickly and gently across the cuticle, helping combining the Nail layers together, and adding extra strength.

Recommended for hours of playing and practise when taking your exams.

Ideal for session players'

The oils help to obtain an even edge to the Nail and at the same time the treatment will build on your Nail Structure, combining the dry flaky layers of the Nail together. When you apply this treatment around 15 minutes before playing it will help you achieve a powerful round sound great for turning up the volume,but also lets your playing technique turn to a more sensitive tone as the smooth edge of the nail makes perfect contact point across the strings.

This treatment is for "The Guitarist on The Run"


New Concentrated Organic & Omega 3 Oils

This new improved treatment has an extra strength which is protected within the black glass bottle, the combination of rich oils include a touch of peppermint oil which helps the circulation to the matrix.The matrix is where new cells grow and the older cells are pushed out, compacted and taking on the familiar flattened hardened form of the fingernail.

This oil is recommended for slow growing Nails and very dry cuticles. See Nail Structure for more Information. Use this oil on older Nails that take longer to create a healthy Nail.

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